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Dealing With Water Damage From Sprinkler Systems

water damage restoration bakersfieldOverhead sprinkler systems can be a matter of many people’s lives and safety during a fire. Though the system can help contain the spread of a blaze, it can also ruin interiors, inventory, and equipment during an ordinary day. When dealing with this kind of disaster, one of the most common questions asked is how the mess could have been minimized. Knowing what to do and what not to do dramatically affects how quickly your building recovers from fire sprinkler water damage.

Water Damage Restoration – Bakersfield

Unfortunately, water damage from overhead sprinkler systems doesn’t just happen when a fire is happening. Fire sprinklers in commercial properties fail every day. Older system pipes and heads rust and corrode. Remodels and floor plan changes leave sprinklers too close to heat sources. Winter weather freezes and ruptures system pipes. If the sprinkler head accidentally discharges, everything in its vicinity will be absolutely soaked and possibly ruined. Regular maintenance won’t guarantee accidents won’t happen, but knowing what to do and not to do will help you be prepared. 

Prepare Yourself

If your sprinkler system fails, planning ahead of time will put you in a much better position. You can actually reduce the amount of water damage to your building, along with how bad the damage is. Moreover, proper preparation can increase the safety of everyone in the affected areas. 

You can do different tasks to prepare yourself in the event of a sprinkler failure. When you have the sprinklers installed, ask them to walk you through different areas so that you can become familiar with the system. You will also need to know where each location of shut-off valves is and how to operate them. Make sure in addition of each valve is specific to different building areas. You should also know where the property’s main water shut-off valve is and how to shut off the building’s electricity. 

Have Proper Tools Readily Available

If you are dealing with a dysfunctional sprinkler head, it can be solved with the use of a few tools. Keep them in an easily accessible space, and do not move them around to ensure everyone knows their location of them. You will need the following:

  • Talon Tool – Stops water flow by sealing sprinkler heads with rubber gaskets.
  • Sprinkler Stop Valve – Inserts into open sprinkler head and turns valve controlling water flow.
  • Sprinkler Shutoff Tool – Blocks water flow from most broken sprinkler heads.

A quick repair can save the trouble of shutting off the water supply, but it’s a short-term fix. Contact your sprinkler system company, and arrange for an inspection immediately after any sprinkler failure. This ensures the system’s operational integrity and your property’s safety.

Do Not Attempt Water Damage Restoration On Your Own

When a sprinkler fails, it will release more than just water. Hopefully, your sprinklers aren’t constantly being used, so when they do go off, the dirty water that is released contains rust, oil, and sediments. The mixture stains surfaces and spreads solid and unpleasant odors throughout the entire building. 

Don’t try to tackle the mess on your own. Leave water damage restoration to an experienced restoration company, such as Alert Disaster. Don’t hesitate to call our team of experts to help recover and restore your home today.