COVID-19 Disinfection Services

CDPH Trauma Scene Practitioner Lic. 645

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention & Rapid Response

ADR Services has been observing the Coronavirus outbreak and has taken the necessary steps to respond immediately across Kern County. ADR Services has implemented a Coronavirus Task Force that is ready to assist in protecting your facilities and staff while minimizing business interruptions.

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Schools & Universities | Offices | Hospital & Medical Buildings | Senior Living & Daycare Centers | Municipal Buildings

Treatment Levels

Level 1: Preventative in nature (No known Corona COVID-19 on property)

Application of disinfectant/sanitizer sprayed on all designated surfaces from a height of six feet down. Designated surfaces generally include horizontal and vertical surfaces and contents such as flooring, desks, and walls. The amount of contents at this price point is generally medium.

Level 2: Preventative in nature (No known Corona COVID-19 exposure)

Application of disinfectant/sanitizer sprayed on all surfaces from six feet down and non-porous contents. Additionally, application of disinfection wipe down of common touch points with EPA registered products. The amount of contents at this price point is generally medium. 

Level 3: Confirmed case of Corona COVID-19 exposure to property

Application of disinfectant/sanitizer is sprayed on all surfaces. Apply disinfection wipe down of common touch points. All surfaces will be treated and applied disinfectant including all horizontal & vertical with a vapor delivery system 4-24 hours will be used. To control bacteria, and other micro-organisms, films and promote deodorization.

Safety Response:

We have the qualified managers and technicians that are trained in decontamination procedures and are ready to safely and discreetly clean your property to protect your employees, occupants and the general public.

Our staff is specifically trained in the cleaning of air and blood-born pathogens and are equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to handle such jobs.


ADR Services is able to respond anywhere in Kern County including Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Delano, Taft, Wasco, Arvin, Shafter, Buttonwillow, California City, Bear Valley, Mojave and others for Covid-19 Emergency Disinfection Services.

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