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Water Damage Prevention: What Can I Do To Avoid Restoration Costs?

water damage restoration bakersfield, water damage bakersfield, water damage repair bakersfieldWater damage isn’t really the highlight of anyone’s week. In fact, it can cause a lot of worry and stress to those who are dealing with it. Water damage, thankfully, can be addressed. When it is attended to quickly and the water damage restoration is done by professionals who have the knowledge and skills to do it properly, then it doesn’t have to be that stressful. While this is true, why would anyone want to allow any amount of undue stress pop up in their lives. There are ways we can help in preventing water damaging from ever occurring. Luckily, these preventative measures are fast and simple things we can do around our house in order to aid in preventing water damage from occurring and getting restoration costs. 

Water Damage Restoration In Bakersfield

Preventative Measures Outside the Home

On the outside of the home, we can do some key things to make sure water doesn’t somehow make it into our house.

  • Clean the gutters: Gutters are amazing at what they do and if they are regularly cleaned and maintained, they do their job beautifully. If they are not then water can get backed up and overflow. This can cause water to pool at the base of your house and eventually cause water damage. It is best to keep them clean and maintained so this doesn’t occur.
  • Be aware of and maintain plants and trees: All the beautiful plants and trees in a yard make it so beautiful. That is until the roots become overgrown and press up against or wrap around your pipes causing a leak or the pipes to break. It is important to be aware of this and maintain the vegetation growth in your yard so this doesn’t happen. 
  • Slope your yard away from your house: Water runs wherever is easiest and downhill is always easier than uphill. If you slope your yard away from your house then the water will run away from your house. Likewise, if your yard slopes toward your house, the water will run toward your house, pool at the base of it, and likely seep into the foundation causing some damage. 

Preventative Measure Inside the Home

  • Educate yourself on where the water main is: The water main is probably the most important part of a plumbing system. It is what regulates the water that goes into the rest of your pipes in your home. By shutting it off, you can stop any more water from entering your house pipes. This is so important. If you know where the water main is, then if you do notice a leak or worse, then you can shut it off promptly preventing further damage from occurring.
  • Regularly maintain and update appliances: A washing machine and a dishwasher are truly lifesavers. They are wonderful appliances that help the day to day chores go by a lot easier and faster. However, when these appliances become outdated or break, they may cause issues. If they leak or flood, you could have some water damage on your hands. It is best to regularly check to make sure they are in good functioning condition and fix or replace them if not.
  • Monitor your water bill: Sometimes the best way to know if there is a pipe or water leak somewhere in your house is to pay attention to your water bill. If there is a jump in the amount you are paying, don’t just automatically assume it was the fault of the water company’s billing department. Instead do some investigative work first. If you find the leak fast, then it will save you from a lot of stress in the long run by preventing serious water damage from occurring.

All these preventative measures are very helpful and can definitely aid in preventing water damage in your Bakersfield home, however they won’t guarantee that water damage will never occur. Educate yourself on what to do if water damage ever does happen, that way you are ready.