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Why You Should Never Try To Repair Water Damage Yourself

water damage restoration bakersfieldDiscovering water damage in your home comes with a lot of stress. You might think you want to avoid dealing with restoration services because you fear they will be too expensive. But before you try to soak it up with towels and aim an electric fan at it, here are some reasons why a DIY water damage cleanup is not a good idea. 

1. Professional Equipment Is Required To Get Everything Completely Dry

Unfortunately, whatever cleaners you have in your house will probably not be enough to fix water damage. Professional restoration companies have the equipment and the expertise required to make sure that the water is completely dried, leaving no dampness behind to continue to create further damage. 

2. Water Damage Can Be Full Of Dangerous Bacteria And Chemicals

Especially in flooding, trying to clean up the water yourself can be very dangerous. Water damage can come from a variety of sources, including wet weather outside, broken appliances, leaking pipes, and sewage backups. Depending on its source, water can be full of chemicals that can be toxic to touch or ingest. It might also be contaminated by bacteria that could make you very sick. It is essential to allow professionals to inspect the water damage and determine if it is safe so you do not risk your health or safety.

3. The Water Might Have Become Electrified

If water has reached your home’s electric wiring in any way, it might be carrying an electric current. Standing water from flooding can be dangerous if it has reached a level high enough to touch any exposed outlets on the wall. The water inside the wall can also cause a spark, making it very dangerous to handle on your own. In extreme cases, it might be a good idea to turn off your house’s electricity right away in case you are in danger of electrocution. Then call the professionals to inspect the damage so you know it is safe.

4. Mold Can Form Quickly After Water Damage Occurs

It can take as little as 24 hours for mold to form after water damage in your home. Even if you try to clean up and dry the water damage yourself, it can soak into the drywall, insulation, wood, and other materials your home is made of where you cannot see it or dry it properly yourself. If it is not dried immediately, mold will continue to spread. Mold is dangerous to live with, and it can make you sick to have it in your home. Professionals can ensure that water damage is not only dry but that mold is also removed if it has started forming.

Water Damage Restoration In Bakersfield, California

If you find water damage in your Bakersfield home, do not try to clean and dry it yourself. Call Alert Disaster Restoration to get it taken care of for you so you can be confident that everything is completely dried, clean, and safe.