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Types Of Water Contamination Common To Bakersfield

water damage restoration bakersfieldWater damage comes in several levels. It often depends on the type of water that causes the damage and where it comes from. When facing water damage, restoration companies identify the types of water to determine how extreme the damage is. Knowing this can also help determine how dangerous exposure is to the residents of the home. 

Water Damage Restoration Bakersfield

The following are types of water damage that our experts at Alert Disaster have identified and taken care of during their water damage restoration projects.

Clean Water

Clean water comes from rain or tap water. It is the most natural form and is the least likely to be contaminated. By itself, it does not pose the health risks that are associated with other types of water, although you do not want it flooding your home because it can still cause a series of damage.

Gray Water

Gray water refers to water that has already been used either commercially, industrially, or domestically. Gray water usually comes from leaky appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Besides water, the discharge is often full of other chemicals which can make it dangerous for you to come into contact with it. Not knowing what chemicals or bacteria are found in gray water proves that it’s best to avoid this kind of water.

Black Water

Black water is referring to water that comes through the sewage. It includes groundwater that comes from other sources such as sewers and can pose extreme health risks. It contains very harmful agents like toxins, organic matter, pathogens, pesticides, sewage, waste, and heavy metals along with others. It causes the most serious water damage due to the number of bacteria that are found in it and the damage it can cause to your health. Black water can even be developed with standing water that has begun to support microbial growth. 

What Can Be Done For The Water Contamination Found In Your Home

Water damage restoration is an incredibly lengthy process. The reason why you want to avoid trying to clean it all up yourself is that it is very difficult to make sure everything is completely dry, clean, and sanitized at every crevice. The water can seep into the floors, carpets, and walls of your home with ease and you can easily miss corners or sections where mold can even begin to develop. Even when it seems that the water has been completely dried, the possibility of it might have seeped into surfaces where it cannot be seen or dried with a towel. Especially when it comes to the most heavily contaminated kind of water, it is hard to make sure all of the bacteria gets cleaned up so it doesn’t spread. 

It can be very harmful to live in an environment where contaminated water has flooded your home and has not been cleaned up properly. It can be especially harmful to people who have health conditions such as asthma or allergies as the toxins begin to grow throughout your home. 

A professional water damage repair company has the proper equipment to make sure water is thoroughly dry and that your home is decontaminated to reduce health risks. Even water with the least amount of contamination can still cause a lot of damage to a home. Don’t try to tackle the problem on your own; safety is the most important thing. Alert Disaster is capable of locating the moisture that you cannot see so that it can be cleaned up. The right resources are vital when it comes to making sure your home is safe and restored properly. Let someone who knows how to make your home safe again help you out.