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The Dangers During Flood Cleanup In Bakersfield Basements

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Flooded basement floods are not only a headache to clean up, but they also pose several risks to your family. When it comes to floods, immediate property damage is a major concern, but it is not the only one. Excess water in your basement can cause foundation cracks, which can risk your house’s structural stability. It can also cause the deterioration of wood beams and supports. Floods can happen for many reasons and typically are caused by extreme weather, burst pipes and overflowing toilets. Our flood cleanup experts know what dangers exist in Bakersfield flooded basements and want you to be aware in the event of a water damage situation. 

Flood Cleanup in Bakersfield

Mold Growth

Mold is most commonly caused by moisture. Once your basement floods, water will seep into every corner of the floor. It will not take long for even the tiniest gaps to fill with water, and then it is only a matter of time before mold starts to grow in the basement. Mold is always a health hazard because of the toxins it creates. Some people may experience allergic reactions after inhaling mold spores such as fatigue, skin irritation, and respiratory problems

Damaged Appliances

Electrical boxes and water heaters are regular appliances found in basements. Basement floods can destroy these items, costing thousands of dollars to replace or repair. If your basement happens to flood during the cold season, you could lose power and heat to your house, which can be a significant risk.

Damaged Foundations and Walls

When the home basement floods, it could lead to a foundation failure. If your foundation already has weak areas, water will seep through, speeding up the erosion process. Water is an unstoppable force. It can go almost anywhere and, with time, inflict a lot of damage. When water seeps into the concrete, it can create cracks, softness, and instability, which will ultimately weaken your walls and foundation. It’s important to contact the flood cleanup experts immediately because it might be costly to repair your foundation if it buckles or develops vertical cracks.

Electric Shock

The combination of water and electricity is hazardous. If you are walking in water, any appliances in the basement, such as your sump pump, or circuit box, can create an electrical shock, specifically if you attempt to control them with wet hands. If your basement has any electronic devices, stay away from them if it floods. Standing water mixed with active electrical currents creates the ideal scenario for electric shock, which can result in serious injury.

Storage Damage

Basements are a great place to store your extra belongings. If you are using a section of your basement for storage, there is a great possibility that your items will be damaged by water. A flooded basement might result in the loss of a large amount of expensive or sentimental items, depending on the items stored.

Contact The Flood Cleanup Experts

Even a minor leak in your basement can cause major issues. Contact Alert Disaster Restoration if you need immediate flood damage cleanup. Our crew responds very fast to your emergency flood cleanup in Bakersfield and takes care of you until your home is completely restored. Get in touch with Alert Disaster Restoration today.