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Bakersfield Water Damage Restoration – Where The Water Comes From

water damage restoration bakersfieldWhat is worse than finding a horrible smell emanating from your home? Having to search down the cause and then fixing the mess. A bad smell is definitely an indication that you’ll need some specialized support to keep your home and family safe.

Water Damage Restoration in Bakersfield

In the industry, the severity of water damage is often described by the source of the water.  

  • Clean Water: Natural water, such as rain or tap water, poses no additional health risks.
  • Gray Water: Water that may contain additional chemicals, such as discharge from a washing machine.
  • Black Water: Sewage or groundwater from nearby sources that may pose extreme health risks. 

This “Category 3” water Is severely contaminated  and might contain harmful agents like: pathogens, toxins, silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, and regulated materials. Causes of this most serious water damage can include sewer backup, waterway flooding, wind driven rain, and standing water that has begun to support microbial growth.


After your area just had a particularly heavy rainfall, a flash flood, or an overflow from a local river or lake, water can rush into the surface of your home at ground level. This water is much different from water from an incoming clean water line. Flood water might pick up chemicals and oil from the roads. There may be bacteria or dead organisms from rivers or ponds. You will certainly find leftover dirt, sand and silt when the waters recede. The cleanup will be much more involved than clean water cleanup.  

After flooding, your basement might be the most affected part of your home. And the damage can be increased due to 1) poor air circulation, 2) low light and 3) time between visits. If you see or smell damp, musty air, call Alert Disaster to investigate.

Sudden Overflow- Oops!

Mistakes happen to everyone, but some mistakes cause extra cleanup and restoration.  “Overflow” refers to water running over from appliances, the bathtub, or pipes in your home. Soapy water, dirty dishwater, or a failing hot water heater will send up to fifty gallons of water onto your floors. If that water is allowed to linger, it can subsequently damage baseboards, walls, cabinets.

Sewer Backup

When the sewer and drainage system in your neighborhood experiences a backup, it could force water back into your home through sinks and toilets. It might be caused by a clog from toilet paper, hair, soap scum and grease. Overtime, tree roots put pressure or even brake pipes in the yard. Then, additional water encourages more roots, leading to more backup issues.

Drips and Slow Leaks

The most common source of water problem is the most boring. Gradual leaks usually develop because of a maintenance problem and can go on for months before you find them. A damaged pipe could slowly leak water onto your cabinets and sheetrock. 

After disastrous dirty water damages your home, you’ll need reliable restoration professionals.  Alert Disaster Restoration is an independent firm with the skills, resources and spirit to support you through this challenging time. The team will keep your home, family and possessions safe from future damage, as well.  Call for a full service disaster restoration contractor for water damage, fire damage and mold contamination.