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Bakersfield Homes & Shower Water Damage

water damage restoration bakersfieldOne of the most common places to find water damage in a Bakersfield home is the bathroom. That doesn’t mean that the bathroom has to flood from an overflowing bathtub, toilet, or sink to suffer water damage. Water damage can happen from daily use or from malfunctioning plumbing inside the walls. Alert Disaster Restoration has handled many different types of water damage cleanup situations where bathrooms have suffered water damage and mold for a number of different reasons.

Water Damage Restoration In Bakersfield

Bathroom Walls

Bathroom walls aren’t always going to suffer from water damage. In fact, the ceiling and floors are much more likely to have mold growth or damage due to moisture. But the walls house the plumbing for the entire bathroom. These pipes can spring leaks, burst, or malfunction due to age. Whatever the reason, if the plumbing breaks down in the bathroom, you are likely to see signs of damage in the walls as discoloration, softness, peeling of the paint, bubbling and mold.

If you suspect water damage from pipes in the wall, contact Alert Disaster Restoration to help find the problem and restore it fully. Our team of professionals can clean up the moisture, dry the affected areas, restore the damage and remediate any mold issues that have occurred.

Bathroom Tile

Tile in the bathroom can be found around the floor and as decorative walls inside the shower and around the bathroom. It may even make up the entire shower. Tile can suffer from cracks or breaks which may allow water through. Tile will likely show signs of mold before it is going to show signs of water damage. Mold is likely to appear in the grout or inside cracks or breaks of the tile itself.

Regular home solutions for mold are not going to relieve mold situations in your home. Contact the professionals at Alert Disaster Restoration to restore any mold problem before it spreads.


Whether the flooring is made up of tiles, linoleum, natural stone, hardwood, or carpet, bathroom floors take the brunt of the water damage which may show up as mold, soft spots, buckling of the floorboards, mold in the grout, carpeting, or wood, or discoloration. The extent of the water damage in the flooring of a bathroom can be difficult to determine at the surface level. Alert Disaster Restoration will perform an assessment, let you know the extent of the damage and what needs to happen to remediate the problem.

Bakersfield Water Damage Restoration Professionals

If you think a malfunctioning pipe has ruptured in your bathroom, call Alert Disaster Restoration now. The professional team will quickly resolve the water issue and minimize the extent of the damage. Water and mold issues spread fast if not dealt with right away. Alert Disaster offers 24-hour water damage cleanup to the homeowners of Bakersfield. 

If you are unsure if water damage is an issue, call for a water damage assessment by Alert Disaster professionals. We can detect moisture, find the source of the problem and start the repair process immediately so that you do not have to worry. Call for a full-service disaster restoration contractor for water damage, fire damage, and mold contamination.