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Tips For Cleaning Up Flood Damage In Bakersfield

flood cleanup bakersfield, flood damage cleanup bakersfieldOkay, so you’ve experienced a flood. Now what? Hopefully you won’t need to use the skills outlined in this post too many times, but it’s never a bad thing to be prepared. Knowing how to respond to flood damage in Bakersfield, large or small, can be a valuable skill. After all, during an emergency situation, our minds generally only recall what we have practiced and studied intently. The frustration and surprise can cloud our minds, making it near impossible to remember the best course of action when flooding occurs. Here at Alert Disaster in Bakersfield will shortcut the research process for you and give a few pro tips on handling a flood. 

Flood Cleanup In Bakersfield

Take Pictures

No, don’t just take pictures for your social media (although it’s tempting). In an insurance claims process, you will most likely be asked to show detailed pictures of the damage. Capture images while the damage is fresh and the process will be dramatically sped up. A few quick pictures of the water, the room the water is in, and the damaged items can go a long way (and then you can post them on social media). 

Safety First

Okay, obviously. This one is a no-brainer on paper, but in the real world, many people are injured each year because of a lack of safety measures when flooding occurs. Sometimes we want to play ?hero? and justify doing something a little risky. Take it from us: Play it on the safe side. Don’t go near the water, even if it seems harmless. Take the first chance you get to turn off the water supply to avoid further flooding. Then, call a professional. Flood water has various degrees of contaminants, and even clear, clean-looking water can be dangerous. 

Remove The Water And Dry It Up

The process of removing and drying water is extensive. Although it may seem as easy as whipping out a few fans and hair dryers, moisture is especially sneaky when it comes to being places it shouldn’t. Standard homeowner DIY mistake #1 is not drying the area properly, leaving water pockets deep in floorboards and drywall that manifest themselves years later. The faster the drying process is completed, the more likely that those water pockets won’t exist. 

Prepare For Additional Flooding

Unfortunately, damage incurred once is damage waiting to happen again. If an appliance malfunctions, be sure to spend adequate time fixing the appliance in order to avoid another headache-inducing flood. Preparation will save hours of flood cleanup. In the meantime, be sure to check the connections of hoses to the washer and dryer, refrigerator, and sink. It may even be worth having a professional come scope out the status of your appliances to be 100% sure that no more flooding will occur. 

Call A Professional

There’s a reason people do water damage cleanup for a living. It’s not exactly easy. Most homeowners have never dealt with the cleanup process before, and it’s evident in the way the damaged area turns out. Alert Disaster is a reputable water damage cleanup company in Bakersfield that can meet all your water mishap and flood damage needs. We’ve got you!