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Three Reasons Not To Attempt Water Damage Restoration On Your Own

water damage restoration bakersfield, water damage repair bakersfield, water damage cleanup bakersfieldHave you ever heard the saying, water under the bridge? It’s a common one, and really applicable to lots of different situations where, once the problem is solved, it is in the past. One issue that can be hard is to solve completely all at once is water damage itself. Often, improper water damage cleanup can cause problems for homeowners down the line when they discover, weeks or months after they thought a flood or leak was ancient history, some well-hidden mold, or slight musty odors.

Water Damage Restoration In Bakersfield

In order to find permanent solutions to the problems in your home that are causing water damage, we recommend consulting the experts in water damage restoration, who have the experience, along with proper tools and chemicals for doing the job right. Here are 3 reasons why we don’t recommend doing your own water damage cleanup: 

  1. Water Damage restoration is very time-sensitive.

    Ironically, this is probably the very reason you are hoping to dive into it right now. Especially in cases of dramatic water-damage that is happening all-at-once, like floods, it’s almost always better to call someone in your area who is available for emergency water damage restoration 24/7. Alert Disaster in Bakersfield, or all over California, is a great example of this type of company. That way, the project doesn’t get in the way of your busy life. It usually takes minutes to an hour for help to appear after you’ve called! If you want to start working right now, make the call, and then busy yourself by turning off the source of water (if it is coming from a pipe), turn off the power to the affected area (if doing so is safe), and removing rugs, clothing on the floor, or other clutter. Be sure to sweep the area for things of objective or sentimental value and put those things in a safe, dry place. 

  2. Water’s nature makes it hard to clean it up completely.

    An untrained eye may miss signs of subtle water damage because water will soak up anywhere; we?ll find it in the nooks and crannies and tiny cracks in your home. 

  3. It can be unsafe.

    Aside from just water, you may be dealing with furniture that is far heavier than it usually is, mold growth if the water has been sitting for more than 24 hours, contaminants such as sewage or chemicals, depending on where it came from, and harmful bacteria. Even water that is clear can be contaminated and dangerous. After all, there are many reasons why our team has to undergo training to become professionally certified, and we know how to stay safe and keep you safe while helping clean up your water damage problem. 

If you have a water damage emergency such as a flood or fast leak in your home and you live in the Bakersfield area, don’t mess around? make the step that will help you properly clean it up? and fast! We will act with the utmost urgency and expertise. We can’t wait to help you out.