Signs Of Water Damage From Pipes In Bakersfield

water damage restoration bakersfield, water damage cleanup bakersfield, water damage bakersfieldCharming vintage homes might have more than 100 years of plumbing history cobbled together under your floors. A 70’s ranch home’s wood panels and millwork are warm and inviting, BUT a disaster when they get wet. Even a new, modern, energy-efficient home has water damage risks that will require professional restoration if water causes a problem. Newer homes often have more appliances which create a bigger potential for water damage from pipes. 

To help reduce your need for water damage restoration in your Bakersfield home, keep your eyes open for any signs of water damage from broken or leaky pipes. Your house will send you warning signs of serious and expensive problems if you pay attention. If you do experience any water damage emergencies, call Alert Disaster in Bakersfield to take a look.

Discolored Walls, Ceilings, Floors 

An ugly stain is a clear indication of potential water damage to the structure of a home, and of future mold growth. Roof flashing around chimneys or skylights are common sources for roof leaks since they protrude from the surface of the roof to redirect the flow of water. Gutters that are not properly sloped or securely attached to your home’s exterior can tear away from your home manifest as stains on walls or ceilings. 

If water is leaking or pooling up inside your walls, then you will start noticing some discoloration on the opposite side. For example, if a pipe is leaking above the ceiling, a white-colored drywall will start to turn yellow/brown color. This is noticeable in walls, ceilings, floorboards, and even different types of flooring.

An Increase In The Water Bill 

If your water bill suddenly sky-rockets, you could a pipe issue could be causing water damage. Constant leaks will keep the water flowing and will make your water bill go up. Call a water damage professional that can detect moisture in your structure. Our team has advanced equipment that can detect leaks within the walls without tearing up your home. Hopefully, you will determine the cause of the leak is outside the home or at the street connection – but any leak will still need to be repaired. 

Wet Or Damp Spots 

The creepy feeling of squishy fibers on your bare or stocking feet is always bad news. In walls, floorboards, and the ceiling, the surface material will bow or warp, creating an unnatural look to the otherwise sleek. But even worse, moisture in your carpet creates a breeding ground for mold. Even if you can’t see it, the smallest amount can lead to mold within 48 hours.

Musty/Mildew Smell 

The smell of mold usually accompanies water leaks in a home or business. This smell is often noticeable in basements, attics, crawlspaces and other areas that do not get a lot of foot traffic or air movement. Moisture and humidity are two of the main contributing factors to mold growth; mold can grow in as little as 28-48 hours given the right type of environment. If your nose suspects a problem, call us for a serious inspection. 

Water Damage Restoration In Bakersfield

If you think a malfunctioning pipe has burst in your home or business, call our restoration team now. The professional team will quickly resolve the water issue and minimize the extent of the damage. Water and mold issues spread fast if not dealt with right away. We offer 24-hour water damage cleanup to the homeowners of Bakersfield. If you are unsure if water damage is an issue, call for a water damage assessment by our professionals. We can detect moisture, find the source of the problem and start the repair process immediately so that you do not have to worry.

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