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4 Things To Know Before Tackling Water Damage Restoration

flood cleanup bakersfield, flood damage cleanup bakersfield, flood damage bakersfield,Flooding is more common than you might think. Did you know that 98% of basements in American homes will at some point in their lifetimes be exposed to water damage? With it being such a common occurrence, rest assured that there are experts who know exactly how to fix your specific situation fast, so that you avoid further damage as a result of indecision and wasted time. To help you be prepared when flooding happens in your Bakersfield home, we at Alert Disaster now present 4 things you ought to know before tackling water damage restoration: 


  1. There are different types of water that can all potentially be damaging to your home. If the water is uncontaminated, like water flowing to your tap, you have the first type- ?clean? water. If the water is from a slightly contaminated source, like a dishwasher or washing machine, or from clean toilets, you have ?gray? water and it may have some harmful substances in it. You should take some care when cleaning this up (for example, it may be a good idea to wear protective clothing.) The last type is ?black? water, and, as the name implies, is the dirtiest type. It comes from highly contaminated sources like sewage pipes and can contain waste, and harmful bacteria. You should never attempt to clean this up yourself, and take extra care and caution not to even be exposed to this type of water. 
  2. Mold can start to grow in areas with water damage in as little as 24 hours. Mold is damaging to the materials it grows on and can be very damaging to your health and the health of family members or pets. Call a professional to help with any mold growth you suspect. Shut off vigorous air flow to the area in the meantime to minimize spore contamination. After initial care, inspection for mold growth should be ongoing as mold can sneakily grow in hidden areas. 
  3. Before you begin any restoration, remember to consider your safety first. Shut off power and water supply to affected areas, examine for sagging ceilings (and don’t enter areas that have them), and keep your children and pets away. Things may be slippery; take care to avoid falling. In addition, apply your recently acquired knowledge of water types and take proper precautions when dealing with gray water. Do not come into contact with black (heavily contaminated) water. 
  4. Small steps you take early on will make all the difference. Take initiative right when you notice flooding and remove furniture, rugs, and small items that may be on your floor, as these may cause indentations and staining. If furniture cannot be removed, place pieces of plywood under each leg that will protect the legs of the furniture from sitting in wet carpet, and hopefully distribute weight to protect your floor as well. Remove objects that are of value to you and stow them away in safe, dry places. 

While floods are common, there is nothing you can do to be fully prepared for it when it does happen to you. That’s why it is so fortunate to have experts just a phone call away who have dealt with many situations just like yours and know just what to do.  For your flood cleanup needs in Bakersfield, be sure to give Alert Disaster Restoration a call right away.