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The Basics Of Water Damage And Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage is a major problem for homeownerswater damage restoration bakersfield, water damage bakersfiedl, water damage cleanup bakersfield. Thus, each homeowner should have a clear idea of what water damage is, how to prevent it, and how the cleanup process works. Having this knowledge on hand will go a long way towards preventing water damage and knowing how to act if your home is flooded. As recommended by our restoration experts at Alert Disaster in Bakersfield, here are the three most important things you need to know about water damage.

How Can I Prevent Water Damage?

There is a lot you can do to prevent water damage in your home. Fortunately, most are simple and quick to do. First of all, you should make sure everything is working right outside your home. To do this, you should make sure you clean out your gutters and downspouts regularly. You should also make sure there are no cracks or weak spots in your foundation as they will lead to water leaking into your basement. As for the inside of your home, there is a host of different ways in which water damage can occur. The best things you can do to prevent the damage is to make sure your pipes are clean and functioning properly. Along with that, you should check your water bill closely as a higher than normal water bill may indicate an undiscovered leak.

What Categories Of Water Damage Are There?

Not all water damage is created equal. Some floods are minimal in their damage and scope while others can cause significant damage throughout entire homes. The main way floods are classified is by contamination levels. There are three different levels of contamination in floodwater. These are clean water, grey water, and black water. Clean water is flood water that comes from a sanitary source. For instance, it may come from a sink or bathtub that is overflowing. Grey water is water that contains a small to moderate level of contaminants. If ingested, this water may lead to discomfort and illness. Common sources include dishwashers, washing machines, and toilet water containing urine. Finally, black water is water that contains dangerous levels of contamination from sewage or harsh chemicals. It is incredibly dangerous and should only be handled by professional restoration experts like our team at Alert Disaster in Bakersfield.

What Is The Water Damage Restoration Process?

The basic water damage restoration steps that we take at Alert Disaster are inspection, water removal, drying, cleaning, and restoration. In the inspection stage, we send a restoration specialist out to assess the damage and provide you with an idea of the time needed to do the job. The next step is to remove the water and dry out the home as quickly as possible. We strive to do this as quickly as possible since the less time moisture remains in your home, the less overall damage that is done. Standing water can quickly turn into a major mold issue that causes further damage. Then, we clean and sanitize all parts of your home affected by the flood. This is especially important when the floodwater contains grey or black water. Finally, there is the restoration process. In this step, we repair and process all the damaged parts of your home. This step usually takes the longest since there is usually a lot do, but we strive to do it as quickly and effectively as possible. Please contact us if you are experiencing water damage so we can start working to get your life back to normal.