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Five Things Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage

water damage cleanup bakersfield, water damage bakersfieldWater damage is an obstacle many unfortunate homeowners face at some time or another, whether it be through minor water spots caused by a small leak, or ruined basement flooring through flooding. Even if the issue appears to be minor, a small leak may be creating more long-term problems than first evident. No matter the cause or size of the issue, water damage is always alarming to discover. Here are five things that can help you handle water damage more effectively the next time it occurs.

Act quickly. The key in either situation is to act quickly to prevent further damage. Secondary damage from a mold can present very serious health hazards. The area needs to be fully dried within 24 hours to prevent mold growth. Luckily, there are 24-hour professional companies who can respond to water damage situations quickly. In the case of mold or bacteria, there are also companies that offer anti-microbial treatments. The faster your response, the faster your home will be returned to normal.

2. Understand the pollution level of the water. Water pollution is generally categorized into three types. Category 1 is water from a fresh, clean source, category 2 is water that may be contaminated by bacteria, and category 3 is water that is highly contaminated, like water from a sewage leak. Water from a clean source won’t make you sick, whereas if the problem involves contaminated water, it can pose another very serious health hazard. Another thing to keep in mind is that even if you are dealing with a clean water source, the longer the water is sitting around, the more likely that it has been contaminated by bacteria.

3. Let your insurance company know right away. The sooner you inform your insurance company, the sooner they can begin to process your claims. This will lead to more peace of mind for you and a faster overall process left to deal with. Your insurance agent might even be able to direct you in steps to minimize the damage for whatever particular problem you?re dealing with.

4. Insurance doesn’t always cover all types of water damage. In addition, there are different policies depending on the type of damage, like flood damage versus water damage. It pays to be familiar with your insurance’s policy and aware of what they?re likely to cover. Understanding your insurance policies can help you avoid further headaches down the road.

5. Water Damage can lower the value of your house. No prospective buyer is going to like hearing about potential water problems. Your best option in minimizing this effect is to make sure that the issue is fully repaired. Choose a reliable company with the right resources to ensure it’s not an issue you or any other future homeowner has to deal with again. Even if you don’t intend on selling your home, using a professional company to fix your problem is the best way to make certain that the problem won’t become a recurring one.

In summary, don’t wait to deal with water damage. Whether the problem happened overnight or has been going unnoticed for weeks, confront it as quickly as possible. To minimize the chance of further damage and to prevent it from happening again, go with a trustworthy company like Alert Disaster in Bakersfield to fix your problem. Be smart and safe about handling potentially hazardous situations.