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Water Damage And Old Homes: What Are The Risks?

water damage bakersfield, water damage cleanup bakersfieldOwning an old house has many advantages. Its rustic look, cheaper prices, and investment potential are all appealing benefits. However, old homes have many disadvantages as well. One of them is that they are much more susceptible to flooding and water damage. If you live in an old house or are considering the prospect of buying one in the Bakersfield area it is important that you understand how to spot signs of water damage and potential risks.

Buckled Walls And Flooring

Carefully examine floorboards and tiling. Warped or mismatched flooring is evidence of hidden water damage. Having a hard time knowing if there’s a problem? Walk carefully along the floor to feel for uneven surfaces. Abnormalities will quickly be apparent. Repairing damage from warped flooring can be as simple as replacing the floorboards or as intensive as installing new floors and protective layering.

Crumbling Wood

Crumbling or brittle wood is often a signal of water damage or leaking. Brittle window sills, door frames, or weakened baseboards are all things to look out for. The difference between wood damaged by water and just old crumbly wood can be difficult to determine at times. If you aren’t positive either way, feel free to contact Alert Disaster Restoration to take a look for you.

Musty Odor

Wherever there is water damage, there is mold. Wherever there is mold, a musty smell will begin to develop. Although a musty smell in your home is certainly not desirable, it does provide some benefit. This is because water damage is sometimes hidden to the eye, but a recognizing a musty smell will be able to tip you off to the water damage. Certified and insured professionals can help you identify the source of the mold and eliminate it while helping clean up and repair any water damage in the area. 

After-Storm Leaks

As house ages, it’s foundation can start to crack, and window seals and trim can start to break down. After a powerful rainstorm, it’s important that you inspect your home to look for water leaks. You should give special attention to your roof and crawlspace since they are both areas that are vulnerable to flooding and/or leaking.

New Paint

If you are moving into an old home, you should be especially cautious of any areas that appear to be newly painted. The previous homeowners may have noticed discolored or patchy parts of the walls. In response, they may have painted over these areas to improve the look of the home. This can pose a serious problem, however, as it can hide parts of the house that have been damaged by water.

In summary, old homes are great for many reasons. They can be bought for a steal, they often have a very appealing look to them, and they have great potential for fixing up and selling for a profit. Nonetheless, they are not without their weaknesses. Susceptibility to water damage is easily one of those weaknesses. Fortunately, if you keep an eye out for buckled walls or flooring, crumbling wood, musty odors, after-storm leaks, and newly painted areas you will do much to prevent or minimize water damage. If you do encounter any water damage, however, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Alert Disaster Restoration in the Bakersfield area.