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Protect Your Home From Appliance Mishaps

water damage bakersfield, water damage disaster bakersfieldAs a homeowner in Bakersfield, there are several things you need to protect your home against. Things like wind damage, storm damage, fire damage, earthquake damage, and the most common, water damage. Protecting your home against appliance damage isn’t the most fun task to perform but it is essential in preventing the damage that they can cause. When it comes to water damage you want to be proactive and not reactive. Below, Alert Disaster Solutions outline the most common causes of water damage in Bakersfield and what steps you can take to prevent damage to your home.


Technology is advancing, and more households are replacing the daily chore of handwashing dishes with a new dishwasher. Even the most expensive dishwasher on the market can malfunction and cause water damage to your home. In fact, any appliance that uses a water line have a risk of malfunctioning and causing water damage. Dishwashers can cause significant amounts of water damage if the unit is not properly sealed, if the water line becomes damaged, if the draining system clogs, or if the unit is a mobile, the seal to your faucet become worn or breaks. As your appliances start to age, make sure to perform routine checks on all the seals and hoses. If your dishwasher starts to leak make sure the unit is repaired or replaced. We also recommend that you do not leave the house while your dishwasher is running. If a water line breaks or the unit isn’t sealed correctly, you could end up with a kitchen full of dirty water.

Washing Machine

As we mentioned earlier, any appliance that uses water can malfunction and cause water damage. This includes your washing machine. When performing a routine check on your washing machine you will want to inspect the areas underneath and behind the unit for any signs of water damage. Check all the fittings to make sure they are secure and not damaged.

When running the washing machine pay attention to how long it takes for your washing machine to fill up with water. Most water damage disasters caused by washing machines are the results of the drum ?continuously filling.? If it feels like your washer is taking more time to fill than normal do a quick check to make sure there are no leaks.

Clogged Drains

Dealing with clogged drains can be frustrating. If your toilet or sink is prone to clogging contact your local plumber to resolve any plumbing issues before they turn into water damage disasters. Something as small as a clogged sink can lead to several gallons of water soaking into your bathroom floor, or carpeted hallway. If your toilet clogs and overflows you could be dealing with sewer water, the most dangerous kind of water damage a homeowner can experience.

There are several things you can do as a homeowner to prevent water damage in your Bakersfield home. We have only covered a small tip of the iceberg and encourage you to check out the rest of our blogs on how you can prevent water damage disasters.