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The Professional Water Damage Cleanup Experience

flood cleanup shafter, flood damage shafterWater is extremely powerful in every way and can cause a lot of damage within a short period of time. Even the most resilient materials can start deteriorating within several days. Drywall and textiles, which are organic materials, can start to deteriorate within 48 hours. If you experience a flood disaster, let the trained and certified professionals at Alert Disaster Restoration in Shafter take over and let you have some peace of mind.

Why Do I Need a Professional? 

Well, homeowners sometimes don’t realize that water is capable of doing a lot of harm. Water period can be a big issue, but storm waters usually carry swarms of harmful organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Even if you had just momentary contact with this water, it can lead to serious health problems, such as hepatitis and even salmonella. If the stormwater is just in a certain area of the home, the microbes can spread throughout the rest of the home or workplace before too long. Do not ever wait to contact Alert Disaster Restoration located in Shafter.

What is the Process of Flood Cleanup?

If there is any standing water, the experts at Alert Disaster Restoration will remove that immediately. They will use powerful pumps if the water is a foot deep or more. If there is less than a foot of water, they will use vacuums to suck up the water easier. The water can get under flooring, porous materials will soak it up, and water can also get behind walls.

After the cleanup of the standing water, everything will need to be dried completely. If the professionals find belongings that can be salvaged, those items will be set aside so they can be disinfected and dried thoroughly. A lot of times, belongings are not salvageable, and the professionals will have no other choice but to dispose of those items. Drywall most likely is damaged as well, and that will have to be cut out and have new drywall put in. If the drywall is damaged and is not replaced, there is a high risk of microbial growth happening. If there is water inside floors or walls, the professionals at Alert Disaster Restoration will use special equipment to get the water out.

Now the drying process is the main focus for the professionals at Alert Disaster Restoration. Depending on the extent of damage, the drying process usually takes three to five days, sometimes longer.  The trained experts will use high-volume air movers, and also dehumidifies. While everything is drying, the technicians will eliminate all microbial threats with power fungicides. They will also clean and disinfect everything that came in contact with the water, using powerful detergents. After the cleaning process is through, there are no longer any health threats left, so the family can return to their home knowing that they are in a safe and healthy environment. Don’t let a flood ruin your home or give you and your family health risks. Give Alert Disaster Restoration in Shafter a call today!