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Water Damage: Fast Action Required

water damage shafter, water damage cleanup shafterWhen a water damage mishap occurs your home can seem like a disaster area, and cleaning up and repairing the damage can feel like a daunting task. Trust us, for individuals who have no experience in water damage cleanup, the task doesn’t only seem daunting, it is daunting. The team at Alert Disaster Solutions in Shafter completely understand that and has been there for hundreds of homeowners helping them recover from water damage disasters

Regardless of how bad the water damage to your property is, or how high the water level in your house has risen, the damage is repairable! Even if you discovered the water damage days after it has occurred and mold has started growing on the walls, professional water damage restoration companies like Alert will completely remove the mold and have your household breathing safely once more.

There are two keys in recovering quickly from a water damage disaster; the first key is to hire a reputable restoration company who can start working immediately; the second key is to act as quickly as possible when discovering the water damage. The longer you wait, the more damage there will be and here is why:

  • Water can find its way into any crack or crevice, creating pockets of saturation.
  • Those pockets could remain unseen for a long time, especially if they are hidden behind the walls, in the ceiling, or under the floorboards.
  • Even if the cause of the water damage has been stopped, such as re-caulking a window that leaks, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been water leaking through that window for a while. There may be more water damage hidden behind the wall.
  • Mold thrives off damp areas, and that includes water-damaged homes. Mold grows quickly and can appear in your home in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a water damage disaster.
  • Mold breaks down and destroy most of the material is covers, that includes the building materials of your home. The longer mold is allowed to sit the more damage it causes.

The best and most reputable companies in Shafter (we know we?re biased, but we consider Alert Disaster Solutions one of them) follow strict and detailed industry standards for work like water damage cleanup and mold removal. They have decades of experience when it comes to water damage cleanup and utilize the proper equipment, and proven techniques to provide the most thorough cleanup, and quality repair available.

Most water damage restoration companies will work with your insurance adjuster to make sure the cleanup and repair process runs as smoothly as possible, and there are no hidden fees or surprises.

The bottom line here is if you have water damage in your Shafter home, don’t hesitate to get help from local professionals, like Alert. And certainly, don’t just hope the water will dry up and the problem will go away’the chances of that are slim to none. It’s possible the problem will be covered by your insurance, and having a professional company on your side will ensure all the issues are fixed properly, and your life and home can be back to normal in no time.