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Water Damage Prevention in Bakersfield

water damage bakersfieldBakersfield, California is a pretty great place to live. It’s most appealing quality may be the beautiful weather year round. Compared the United States as a whole, Bakersfield has very tame amounts of precipitation each year. Bakersfield averages 6.2 inches of precipitation against 35 throughout the US. It receives just .1 inches of snow against 25 for the entire country. Finally, it has 36 average precipitation days per year against 100 throughout the country. With all that considered, homeowners in Bakersfield naturally run a lower chance of natural water damage occurring, however, there are still plenty of potential risks. Here are a few of the most probable dangers out there for you live in Bakersfield and things you can do to further protect your home.

Maintain Your Basement

A basement is the most likely to be affected by a water damage in any home. It is almost impossible to have a basement for a long time that totally avoids a water damage. The key to preventing anything serious from happening is to be vigilant and consistently check your basement for any wet spot that shouldn’t be there or potential leakage.

Be Careful Where You Plant

A common way many people experience water damage is by accidentally planting where their pipes are located. If you plant above your pipes, the roots from the plants could wrap themselves around the pipe or even puncture it. This could cause water seepage that will start to flood into your house before you even know it.

Have a Sump Pump and Test it Regularly

This is one aspect of protecting your basement from water damage. A sump pump will remove excess water out of basement. It is especially important in the case of flooding. If your basement is flooded a sump pump will play a critical role in getting the water removed. Sump pumps are fortunately not overly expensive. You can buy one at a local department store for just a few hundred dollars. They are easy to use, easy to install, and are recommended for each and every homeowner to have.

Clean Out Your Rain Gutters

No one wants to do this. In fact, most of us tend to put it off and never actually do it, but it really is an important step to keeping your home safe. Debris will quickly build up in your rain gutters. Therefore, it’s important you keep a close eye on them. Work to clean them out at least twice each year. If you let the debris build up, overflow may create puddles on your roof and in the long run damage your foundation.

All in all, Bakersfield is a fantastic place to live for anyone looking for great year-round weather. While the overall risks of water damage occurring in Bakersfield are lower than in many other places, it is still not a reason to neglect the upkeep of your home. It’s also important to note that even after your best efforts have been expended sometimes water damage is impossible to prevent. If you find yourself reeling from water damage we at Alert Disaster Restoration are well equipped to aid you in restoring your home back to normal.

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