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Natural Disasters: Protecting Your Home in Redmond

Do you know how to protect yourself if a natural disaster struck the Redmond area today?

fire damageIf you home were affected tomorrow by a disaster would you know what to do? Unless you have a clear plan on what to do when a disaster comes, chances are that you won’t know how to react when this does happen to you. Here are some great tips to follow if a disaster does strike your area and how to prevent a natural disaster cleanup.

Creating A Disaster Plan

When you are making a disaster plan, there are a few things to always consider. First, you need to be able to figure out how you will communicate with your family during a natural disaster. Also, it’s always a great idea to have an evacuation strategy in your home. You should teach your children about the dangers of a natural disaster and make sure everyone understands your disaster plan. When a disaster does strike, you are going to want to have canned food and to always have water for everyone. Enough food and water to survive in your home until help can arrive.

Preventing Flood Damage

It’s always overwhelming when water damage strikes your home. Floods can cause fatalities and can also involve serious injuries to people who are trapped in water. A great way to avoid this from happening to you is to know how to prevent flood water from striking your home. Follow these simple tips to help reduce the cost of a disaster cleanup.

You should always clean your gutters out if there is debris in them. This could lead to not having the water be dispersed properly from your home increasing the chance of having water damage. If you do find that water is coming into your home, make a plan to figure out how to elevate your furniture or other prized possessions off the ground. You can also have sandbags ready to go to create levies around your property to help stop water from coming into your home.

Preventing a Fire Disaster

A great way to help avoid having a fire disaster cleanup at your home is to create an area around your home that can slow down the fire or even possibly redirect the fire. The first thing to understand is that fire will only burn if it has a fuel source. To help create a defense space around your home follow these tips.

-Clean up any dead or dying trees around your home

-Always trim your shrubs and your trees. Branches should be at least six feet off the ground. Also, if you have any trees hanging over your home, be sure to trim those as well.

-If you have a storage of firewood, make sure to keep your woodpile 50 feet away from your home.

-Keep flammable liquids in a safe metal container.

-If you have a wood fence, do no connect it to your home.

Preventing Mold

The only way mold can grow is if it has moisture and food. If you can eliminate the moisture that is in your home, then you can help eliminate the mold that’s growing. If you tend to find out that your home seems to be humid, you should think about installing a dehumidifier to your home. This will help eliminate the moisture in your home and will also help create better air quality as well. If you see that you have a leak in your home, you should fix it right away. If you decide to delay fixing the leak, you can expect mold to grow within 24-48 hours.

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