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The Importance of Flood Insurance


Bakersfield ? CA (October 19, 2015)?The recent flash floods in California confirm the devastating rain during our epic drought. Too much rain too quickly results in serious destruction with the parched-desert ground unable to absorb the massive rainfall.

Alert Disaster Restoration strongly urges all homeowners to be ready and purchase flood insurance. We have witnessed homeowners paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket when they do not have flood insurance. In fact, after hurricane Katrina’s flood disaster, many homeowners were forced to abandon their homes.


The recent flooding, mudslides, rockslides, sinkholes and debris flows, are a preview of the months ahead. Scientists predict this year’s coming El Ni?o will be the most powerful storm on record. The warming of the temperatures along the central and eastern pacific changes global weather patterns, bringing record rainfall to California in late fall/winter. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts above average rainfall this December through February.


With over $500 million in damages, the 1997-98, El Ni?o devastated over 35 California counties. Californians must prepare for the worst from this year’s anticipated record-setting El Ni?o. The coming rain will spark massive amounts of flooding and mudslides due to the soil and dirt build-up from the wildfire-scarred areas. Already there have been 5,500 wildfires this year, which is 1,000 above average.


It is a surprise to homeowners that standard insurance policies DO NOT cover flood damage. Remember that not all water damage is the same. For example, water damage caused by an accidental water event, such as a burst pipe, wind or storm-driven rain or melting snow is covered by the standard policy. However, water entering a structure from the outside at ground level is not covered by the standard policy.


You can purchase a flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Polices top out at $350,000 for your home and goods ? $250,000 to cover structure of home and $100,000 for personal possessions. Please note that, you can buy excess flood insurance through a private carrier that would cover claims above the national limits.


The price through the federal flood insurance program is based on standardized rates and depends on the home’s value and whether or not it’s in a flood plain. If homeowners live in a flood zone, they are required to purchase flood insurance. Please be mindful that flood zones are subject to change. Stay up-to-date on flood plains by going to and entering in your home’s address to check your home’s status. The national flood insurance policy prices vary depending on your location. NOTE: there is a 30-day waiting period between purchasing flood insurance and activation. Alert urges you to get it ASAP.