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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

There are so many fun things to do in the summer. Summer activities include going to the beach, having backyard barbecues, going to the water park, etc. However, don’t forget that there are some simple home maintenance things you can do in the summer that will make sure your home is in tip-top shape.

Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning unit is working at it’s optimum, your electric bill won’t be as high. So,? have your air conditioning unit tuned up by checking refrigerant levels, checking the fan and cleaning the coils. Also, changing out your filters once a month will keep the unit working at it’s top efficiency.

Window and Door Check

Your home air conditioning unit will not do you any good if your doors and windows are leaking air in and out. Check both the outside and inside sealants on your doors and windows.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Debris can build up in the dryer vent and cause a fire hazard. It’s important to remove the clogs in the vent, pipes and space under the dryer to insure proper ventilation and air flow.

Washing Machine

Inspect washing machine hoses and replace hoses that show signs of wear or leakage. Make sure that the hoses are tightly fastened. Also, inspect and clean the door seal.

Toilet Check

Look for any erosion of plastic floater valves and check all pipe connections. Inspect if there are any leaks at the base.

Outside Wash

Make the exterior of your home look top-notch by removing dirt, stains and mildew by giving it an outside wash. This is especially important to do before you paint. You can do a pressure wash or use a garden hose.

Roof Check

You should have your roof inspected once a year by a professional. Roof water leaks and water damage are usually easily fixed if caught early. Cleaning your roof will help you avoid any permanent water damage.

Deck Check

Summer is definitely a time we enjoy our decks and patios. Look for any loose boards and protruding nails that would become a safety hazard. Also, look for any deterioration in the deck materials.

Driveways and Walkways

Inspect for cracks and wholes and repair them to prevent larger repairs or resurfacing in the future. This will also prevent accidental trips and falls.