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Weekend Getaway Home Safety Tips

Many of us are planning our summer vacation. But, summer is not here yet. So, what is the next best thing to a vacation? A weekend getaway of course! When planning your weekend getaway, it’s important to take into consideration some safety tips before you leave your home on its own.

1) Tell a friend, relative or neighbor: It’s good to have a friend, relative or neighbor be aware that you are going so that they will keep an eye on your house. Also, you can give them a key so that they can water the plants, feed the cat, get your mail, etc.

2) Don’s share on social media: Let’s face it, most of us are on more than one social media platform. We love to share posts and pictures of ourselves as events happen. When it comes to telling others about an up-and-coming trip, learn to have a little discipline and don’t share until after your return (tip provided by: Clovis Police Department).

3) Tell the local police: Telling your local police about your trip is not necessary for a weekend getaway. However, for a trip longer than a week, you can give them a heads up. You also might want to contact your neighborhood watch program.

4) Voicemail and e-mail: Be very selective on what you share via your voicemail and via your e-mail.

5) Curtains closed or open: It may seem like a good idea to close them to keep people from seeing in. However, this also prevents your friends, neighbors and police from checking in on your place. The best option is to keep them exactly how you usually have them when you are at home.

6) Lights on or off: To save money on your electric bill and be more environmentally friendly, don’t keep lights on the entire time you are away. Instead, purchase a light switch timer that is programed. Nextag has some affordable light switch timers.

7) Protect your pipes: In colder regions, to prevent your pipes from freezing, it’s very important to keep the heat running. It’s also a good idea to tell the person watching your home where the water main shut-off is, just in case.

8) Pull the plug: Did you know that many appliances use power even when they are shut off? Unplugging them not only will save you money, but it will protect your home from a power surge.

9) Remove the spare key: Do not have your spare key left out. You can put the key back under the mat, in the plastic rock, etc. when you return home.

Now, by implementing these tips, you can enjoy your weekend getaways and know that your home is safe and sound.