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Winterize Your Home

Winter is on its way and this means time to winterize your home. For those Californians who live in Tehachapi, Lake Isabella, Pine Mountain, Shaver Lake and Oakhurst, you know the importance of weatherizing your home to protect your investment and cut down on energy costs. Here are some tips for getting ready for the cold winter season.

1) Block draft leaks

According to EarthWorks Group, the average American home has leaks that amount to a nine-square-foot hole in the wall. You can get a lit incense stick to help you determine where drafts are in your home. Go to those most common draft areas like recessed lighting, window and door frames and electrical outlets. Once you determined those problem areas, here are some practical ways to help stop those leaks.

  • Buy door sweeps for exterior doors
  • Caulk or apply tacky rope caulk to drafty spots
  • Install outlet gaskets to electrical outlets

2) Insulate your home?

This cost little money and you will get the money back quickly.

  • In the U.S., you need 12 inches in the attic
  • If layering insulation, don’t use ?kraft face? finish because it can cause moisture problems

3) Wrap those pipes?

Interior pipes will not typically freeze until exterior ‘temperatures fall below 20 degrees. Unprotected water pipes can be the cause of extensive structural damage.

  • Use the turnoff valve to shut off your hose bibs and drain the lines
  • Look for pipes that are not insulated: crawlspaces, basements or garages
  • Wrap uninsulated pipes with premolded foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation
  • Heating tape is a good ‘to use to be extra diligent


?4) Check the chimney?

It’s easy to forget that the chimney must be checked before using the fireplace. It’s a good idea to have it ?inspected at least once a year.

  • Get a level 1 inspection
  • Woodstoves should be swept more than once a year
  • Buy a protective cap with a screen
  • Cleaning should be performed for every 1/4 inch of creosote
  • Keep damper closed when fireplace isn’t in use to keep out cold air


5) Check the furnace

The furnace has not been used for a while. Check it to make sure is it working. It’s normal for it to have a musty smell, but if the order continues for a long time shut down it down and call a professional

  • Clean it out annually
  • Change the filters regularly ? check them monthly
  • Reusable electrostatic or electronic filters can be washed


6) Window check

Using storm windows during the cold season will provide an extra layer of protection and warmth for the home. Windows are pricey. So, if you don’t have it in the budget to replace them, you can implement these tips.

  • Buy a window insulator kit
  • Shrink wrap the windows
  • Use bubble wrap
  • Fill window frames with caulk
  • Use heavy curtains

We hope you have a safe, warm and cozy winter season. Don’t forget, Alert Disaster Restoration is here for all your home restoration needs.