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How to dry wet carpet

After a house flood, drying wet carpet can be a chore. First, cleanup and water extraction of standing water is necessary. If furniture is present, move it; wood furniture will create permanent carpet stains and water damage will stain the wood. Carpet cleaning machines work well for extracting standing water, yet a wet / dry vacuum will do just fine.

CAUTION: Careful when operating electrical machinery in standing water!

Next, lift the carpet and remove the wet carpet pad. The carpet pad acts as a sponge and will not dry quick enough to prevent mold growth. The last step is to dry it using industrial fans and dehumidification. Consult a restoration company for good results, improper drying will result in a black mold problem.

Drying Area Rugs: Wet area rugs and carpet are treated the same in the drying process.

Steps to Dry Carpet:

Step 1: Cleanup Standing Water

Step 2: Remove Wet Carpet Pad

Step 3: Air flow and Dehumidification

Note: Wet Walls and other building materials should also be addressed to avoid harmful mold.