Fire, Smoke, & Soot Restoration

After fire, smoke or soot damage has occurred, finding a qualified restoration contractor is key in expediting the process and ensuring correct action is taken. Incorrect actions can jeopardize the possibilities of restoring both structure and contents to their original state.

Types of Smoke

While at the scene, Alert initially identifies the type of smoke to allow for proper cleaning and restoration:

  • Wet soot
  • Dry soot
  • Oil Based soot
  • Protein Based soot

Protecting Yourself

After contacting a remediation company, when you are allowed on the premises, find your insurance policy. Check your insurance policy for Out of Home Living provisions. You should plan on moving out temporarily because soot contains hazardous carbon chemicals.

The Restoration Process

  • Damage Evaluation
  • Communication with insurance and owner
  • Inventorying & Pack Out
  • Restoring Structural Integrity
  • Effective Cleaning
  • Reconstruction
  • Settling Claim

Annual Statistics

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Every 25 seconds – a FIRE starts in the U.S.
1,298,000 Fires (2014)
$11.6 billion in property damage (2014)

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