water damage bakersfield, water damage cleanup bakersfield

Water Damage And Old Homes: What Are The Risks?

Owning an old house has many advantages. Its rustic look, cheaper prices, and investment potential are all appealing benefits. However, old homes have many disadvantages as well. One of them is that they are much more susceptible to flooding and water damage. If you live in an old house or are considering the prospect of […]

fire damage bakersfield, fire damage cleanup bakersfield

What Does A Fire Actually Do To Your Home?

A fire can have devastating effects on your home. Any and all possible preventative measures should be used to avoid a fire in your home. There are three major ways that a fire will damage your home. Those are smoke damage, soot deposits in the home and throughout the air, and lasting structural damage brought […]

flood cleanup tehachapi, flood damage cleanup tehachapi

A Flood Happened, What’s Next?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), reports that the most common natural disaster in America is flooding. The Tehachapi area is no stranger to flooding. In Fact, there have been several major flood events in Kern County over the past few decades. As a homeowner, it is critical that you take measures to protect our […]

mold removal tehachapi, mold damage tehachapi

What To Do About Mold Damage

Finding mold on your property can be alarming. While small amounts might be easy to maintain yourself with regular and proper cleaning, but a large concentration of reoccurring mold or the spread of mold found on your property can be the result of an underlying issue. It’s important to determine the reason for mold growth […]

Marijuana grow house cleanup

Restoring And Decontaminating Former Marijuana Grow Houses

Damage Caused By Marijuana Grow Houses Marijuana grow houses cause a significant amount of damage inside homes. The damage is lasting and can be quite dangerous. The moisture needed to grow marijuana plants creates mold and spores in the home. Mold is often found on the walls, ceilings, and floors and can even be found in […]

water damage bakersfield, water damage disaster bakersfield

Protect Your Home From Appliance Mishaps

As a homeowner in Bakersfield, there are several things you need to protect your home against. Things like wind damage, storm damage, fire damage, earthquake damage, and the most common, water damage. Protecting your home against appliance damage isn’t the most fun task to perform but it is essential in preventing the damage that they […]

flood cleanup shafter, flood damage shafter

The Professional Water Damage Cleanup Experience

Water is extremely powerful in every way and can cause a lot of damage within a short period of time. Even the most resilient materials can start deteriorating within several days. Drywall and textiles, which are organic materials, can start to deteriorate within 48 hours. If you experience a flood disaster, let the trained and […]

water damage shafter, water damage cleanup shafter

Water Damage: Fast Action Required

When a water damage mishap occurs your home can seem like a disaster area, and cleaning up and repairing the damage can feel like a daunting task. Trust us, for individuals who have no experience in water damage cleanup, the task doesn’t only seem daunting, it is daunting. The team at Alert Disaster Solutions in […]

smoke cleanup tehachapi

Five Ways To Avoid House Fires in Bakersfield

It’s hard to imagine your home engulfed in flames and the loss of all those memories. As hard as that situation would be, all of that emotional trauma doesn’t even include figuring out how you’ll repair all of the fire damage. Not all fires can be prevented, however, here are five easy ways to avoid […]

Water Damage Repair Tehachapi, Water Damage Tehachapi

Types of Waste Water

Water damage disasters happen every day, all over the United States but what happens when you come home and find that you are a victim of said disaster? What do you do when you find water damage in your home? The steps you take begin by addressing where the water damage came from. Is there […]

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