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The Impact Of Mold On Indoor Environments

Numerous mold species can invade our indoor spaces. If mold is present in your home or property, it must be treated and removed immediately. Mold can be incredibly harmful, especially for small children, elderly people, pets, and those with pre-existing health conditions. Unless adequately dried, mold is common in places that experience flooding or extreme amounts of water.

How to Know if Mold Has Infested a Propertymold damage bakersfield

Early identification of potential mold signs is crucial. The sooner mold damage can be detected, the sooner experts can be called to repair it. 

  1. Visual Cues: Mold can be fuzzy, slimy, or discolored patches that change size or dark stains on walls or tiles. It can also cause blistering paint, insulation damage, and wall warping. 
  2. Odor Cues: Mold is commonly known for having a damp, musty, earthy odor. However, more intense infestations can smell like rotten eggs or meat.

  3. Physical Reactions: Our bodies have physical reactions to mold. Allergic reactions range from coughing and sneezing to more severe reactions such as dry skin, rashes, and migraines.

Is Self-Remediation a Solution for Mold Damage?

Generally, removing mold through personal means is considered hazardous. The following are six consequences that could result from self-remediation for mold damage

  1. Lack of Knowledge: You might not have the proper knowledge of the type of mold you are dealing with, so you would not use the appropriate safety equipment to contain and clean the mold.

  2. Intensify Problem: You might intensify the problem instead of fixing it. Using harsh products that might not be adequately rinsed off creates an environment for mold to grow. Some products only remove the appearance of the mold but do not kill the mold, allowing the mold to spread without being seen. Some products may become a feeding unit to the mold as well.

  3. Lack of Safety Measures: You might not take proper safety measures while cleaning, causing health problems. Mold releases spores when disturbed, which means you might breathe them in while cleaning if you are not wearing proper protection. This could also contaminate your HVAC system.

  4. Unknown root: You do not address the underlying cause. If you do not treat the root of the mold, the mold will return.

The Steps Professionals Take to Reverse Mold Damage

Professionals take labor-intensive steps to ensure your property is well cared for and mold-free.

  1. Mold Inspection: A certified inspector uses moisture meters, borescopes, and collection devices, among other tools, to identify the type of mold and how much is on your property. This will ensure your home is appropriately diagnosed so the professionals can do the best job of restoring the property.

  2. Mold Damage Remediation: The professionals will set up a containment area to prevent the spread of mold spores. As they restore spaces, “clean zones” will be set up according to industry standards and air filtration devices.

  3. Follow-up Mold Remediation Inspection: A different company performs a post-inspection to ensure a mold-free property. This step ensures peace of mind that your property is genuinely free of mold. 

Professionals will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your safety and health in your home. Trust our team at Alert Disaster to avert any mold disaster and prevent future issues. Don’t hesitate to call our team today!