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The Dangers of Mold in Bakersfield Homes

Finding mold in your Bakersfield home is alarming. Mold poses many dangers to your property and health. It is essential to begin the mold removal process as soon as possible, but it is also necessary to go about it the right way. mold removal bakersfield

Mold Removal – Bakersfield

Mold is a natural element outdoors, but indoor mold can cause significant health issues. Mold can also affect the materials your home is built with. The mold itself isn’t going to cause too much damage. However, serpula lacryman is a fungus caused by the same conditions that mold grows in – and this one does cause more severe issues to a property. This particular type of fungi can cause dry rot. When dry rot happens, the structure of the wood materials is eaten away by the fungi. Mold removal services are highly encouraged for anyone who suspects or sees mold within their property. 

Mold And Health Concerns

Mold exposure can cause different health issues for individuals. 

  • Allergies are the most common health concern when someone is exposed to mold. Watch for traditional symptoms of allergies like watery, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. If exposure is repetitive, sensitivity can increase, making the allergy more severe and intense. 
  • Irritation – Those exposed may notice redness, itchiness, or rashes on the skin, eyes, and throat. 
  • Infections – Those that have weakened immune systems or are part of the more vulnerable population (the elderly, infants, etc) may experience respiratory issues like respiratory infections or worsening symptoms of asthma.

Mold can also cause issues with the central nervous system and bring on headaches, memory problems, and mood dysregulation. For the best outcome, contacting a mold remediation professional can keep your family healthier. 

Mold And Property Damage 

Property damage may be subtle. But, it is essential to understand that mold often starts with a moisture issue. Your home should be thoroughly inspected for moisture and water damage. Identifying where the mold is coming from will allow a more successful outcome.

Examples Of Property Damage Caused By Mold

  1. Property Structural Damage:
    • Wood Decay: Mold weakens the wood. It breaks down its cellulose and causes rot and structural failure. 
    • Drywall Damage: Mold will grow on and behind drywall. Affected drywall will eventually disintegrate. Professional mold removal experts will assess the damage to determine what action to take.
    • Insulation Damage: Insulation is degraded by mold. This weakens the effectiveness of the insulation. Property owners often experience higher energy costs when this occurs. 
    • Carpet and Flooring Damage: Mold infects carpets and the material under the flooring, causing stains and bad odors. These items must be fully replaced.
  2. HVAC System Contamination:
    • An HVAC system contaminated by mold will require deep cleaning and sanitization. Some systems may require replacement of parts if the damage is significant.
  3. Aesthetic Damage:
    • Properties often show surface signs of mold, like stains and discoloration. The aesthetic feel of your property will be compromised until the mold issue is resolved. 

Professional Mold Removal Services

Never attempt to remove mold on your own. Mold requires specific procedures to prevent it from spreading and to ensure full remediation. Mold removal experts undergo significant training and have the experience needed to understand how mold grows and spreads. The team at Alert Disaster Restoration will provide the best results promptly and help you feel safe and comfortable in your home again.