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Don’t Leave Water Damage Untreated

water damage tehachapi. water damage repair tehachapi, water damage restoration tehachapiThere are several things in our lives that need to be maintained. As a homeowner in Tehachapi, one of the items on your maintenance list should be checking for water damage. Water damage is no joke and should be taken very seriously. Why should you be checking for water damage and what are the consequences if you don’t? From the professionals at Alert Disaster, here are a few answers to those questions:?

  1. Water damage causes corrosion on pipes. This process of breaking down metals can lead to other pipes leaking or eventually bursting; consequently, leaving you with more water damage than before. Not to mention the damage that the initial water damage left.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of water. A simple drip of water can create some big holes in concrete. The drip of water can make the foundation of your home unsafe and unsound. Since a single drip of water can cause immense damage, think of the damage water can have on your walls or your ceiling.
  3. In addition, water can damage your flooring. No flooring is meant to be constantly wet. For example, carpets and its padding can begin to break down, or warp. Hardwood, on the other hand, acts like a sponge and absorbs a lot more water. The water stored in the hardwood can and most likely will be soaked up by the walls.?
  4. Drywall doesn’t need much exposure to water for it to be damaged. In fact, it can turn brittle and mold. If drywall is untreated walls will deform and be structurally unsound.?
  5. It’s common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix and should never mix. The wires can begin to short, circuits can break down, and fire hazards rise. Cleaning up the water damage in a timely manner can avoid this problem all together.?
  6. Health hazards are another side effect of initial water damage. Once water damage has set in, mold and bacteria begin growing. These microbes have the potential to make you sick and give you harmful diseases. If the damage goes untreated the mold and bacteria will continue to grow and continue to grow in threat.?

Water Damage in Tehachapi

As you can see, these problems that come from untreated water damage are quite severe and can lead to later even more severe problems. Untreated damage can create many hazardous conditions for your home and for you. Many individuals believe they can treat the damage themselves.? This is not the case. Everything needs to be handled with the correct knowledge. For instance, you probably don’t want a dentist cutting and coloring your hair nor would you want a child to take care of your lawn. Even with a little bit of knowledge about the task in hand, having a professional team to come and take a look is the best course of action. Make certain to get the correct professionals, like Alert Disaster in Tehachapi,? to clean up your water damage needs. Don’t risk further damage by leaving water damage untreated.?