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Buying An Old Home? Watch For Signs Of Water Damage

water damage restoration bakersfield, water damage repair bakersfield, water damage cleanup bakersfieldBuying a new home can be as stressful as it is exciting. The thrilling prospect of a great new place to live can easily be overshadowed by the fear that the home you are purchasing has hidden problems that will make your life difficult in the future. One of the biggest concerns that you should have when looking for a new home is water damage. Water damage is a common and pervasive problem that affects many homes. This is especially true for old homes. These homes often have a history of water damage and weaknesses that make them more susceptible to it. From our water damage restoration experts at Alert Disaster in Bakersfield below are four things you should do to detect water damage in an old home you are thinking about buying. Looking for these things will also help with the restoration process so that you can have the home you have always dreamed about.

New Paint

New paint, especially if it is in just one specific spot, is a possible indication of water damage. This is because paint can be used to cover up a water damage issue without actually fixing the issue. A new paint job doesn’t mean that there is a water damage problem by any means but it is something you should be suspicious of. It is worth doing your due diligence to put in the extra effort to ensure there are no water damage issues covered up by the paint. This will help keep the restoration costs low.

Musty Odors

Even if you can’t see any damage, you can trust your sense of smell to help you identify any potential problems. You should specifically look for a distinct musty smell. That smell comes from mold which is a consequence of water damage. You should be very cautious about buying any home that has a musty odor in it. 

Discolored Walls And Ceilings

Discolored walls and ceilings are often a clear indication of water damage issues. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also point to considerable amounts of hidden damage within the walls or ceiling. Sometimes, this may be nothing more than surface level damage that can be remedied without too much difficulty. At other times, it can indicate serious damage hidden within the walls and ceiling. The tricky thing is that it is difficult to assess how extensive the damage is on a mere walkthrough. Despite this, make sure you put in the time to know the severity of the damage to help keep restoration costs low. 


Last of all, mold is a clear indication of water damage issues within a home. If you see any visible mold while on a walkthrough, you should be very hesitant before buying. If there is visible mold, it is also likely that there is more hidden mold spread throughout the home. This can stick you with an unexpected and expensive issue if you buy a home without fully inspecting it for mold first. 

Water Damage Restoration In Bakersfield

Buying a home is a huge investment, and buying an old home adds an extra level of risk to that investment. If you ever do look into buying an old home, we at Alert Disaster in Bakersfield hope you find these tips helpful for finding the right home for you. They will also be able to help you with any water damage restoration needs you may have!