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The Drought is Subsiding! Now, Prevent House Flooding!

flood damage cleanup tehachapiIn late January, the LA Times reported that about half the state of California is no longer in a drought. That’s an extreme improvement from just one year ago when more than 95 percent of the state was in some kind of drought. Lots of recent rain and snow are the obvious benefactors. Now, our water shortage issues are improving ? as are the chances of a house flood in Tehachapi and elsewhere from natural causes.

Before we offer some suggestions on preventing unwanted water from getting into your home, we encourage you to take a close look at your homeowner’s insurance policy. What kinds of losses does it cover, and how much will your policy pay out in the event of a flood loss? Will that amount cover any necessary repairs plus replacing any items that were ruined, or cleaning what is salvageable? Have you recently done work in your basement? Finished it off, perhaps? Then, you might want to consider adding some more coverage for that space and the items within. That gets you all set up in case there is some kind of flood, and you call Alert Disaster in to help!

Want some other tips to keep your California home bone dry year-round? Ask and you shall receive!

Maintain Your Home’s Foundation

Cracks in foundation happen and are not usually cause for panic. If you feel comfortable, and the crack appears small, you can likely just add some epoxy or masonry sealer. For larger cracks, or if you are unsure you can make an effective repair yourself, call a licensed contractor with experience working with foundations. This way you know the crack will be properly sealed from the start, and therefore stop letting the outside elements in.

Keep Gutters Clean & Free of Debris

When was the last time you took a look at your gutters and downspouts? These can’t do their job of taking water away from your home if they?re dirty and clogged! So, make sure they are clean, and directing the water at least 3 feet away from the foundation of your home.

Take a Close Look at the Yard & Landscaping

Take a good look at the slope of your lawn and landscaping. Everything you do should encourage water to run away from your home, not toward it. When you lay mulch down in the spring, don’t lay it down all the way up to the foundation. Instead, leave about a 6-inch gap so that moisture-sucking mulch doesn’t allow dampness to just sit on your siding or foundation.

Check Window Wells

Check window wells to ensure the windows themselves are properly sealed, water isn’t getting inside, and so on. It may also be worthwhile to invest in plastic window well covers to keep any rain out of the well itself, and draining away from the house.

Don’t Ignore Your Septic Field

If you haven’t had your septic field inspected in some time, early spring is the perfect opportunity. During spring storm season with its torrential downpours and days of never-ending rain, a full septic field is just a disaster waiting to happen.

If your property has suffered from flood damage recently contact Alert Disaster Restoration today!