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Planning Your Home Remodel

The freshness of the spring season and summer coming upon us, starting June 21, is a good motivator for starting new projects. So, you might be getting? the urge to start a home remodeling project. Remodeling can be exciting, but it can also cause some undue stress if you don’t have a plan.

What is the best time of year?

The warmer weather provides a pleasant invitation to any home remodeling project. However, spring and summer are not necessarily the best time to start your home remodel. There are other factors such as the projects urgency, your budget, access to professional contractors and the and ability to purchase materials at a low price. So, in order to plan the perfect time, consider these factors despite what time of year it is.

Budget Planning

The first thing to consider in remodeling is your budget. Do you have enough money to start and complete the project? Oftentimes, with any home remodel, there are things that come up that are unexpected. You may run into a problem area in the home that needs some extra attention and causes some unexpected cash outflows. So, make sure you have a contingency fund set aside if you have to go over your planned budget.

Cost of Materials

Consider the materials you?ll need for your remodel. Depending on the season, the materials can cost less. So, purchase your materials ahead of time when they are the most inexpensive. For example, kitchen appliances are often cheaper at the beginning of the holiday season around October. Also, make sure to check out the mom and pop shops for things like tools, paint, etc. Independent shops often have more control over discounts and you may be able to make a deal with the store owner. Another great tip is to bundle your shopping and purchase your items all at once. Oftentimes, large purchases guarantee a lower price and may come with free delivery. Also, when in doubt, hit the back room. Scratch-and-dent appliances are cheaper and there is a a good chance the blemish won’t be visible.

Consider the Resale Value

Match your remodel to the market in your neighborhood. Upping the resale value of your home is a great incentive to remodel. However, not every remodel will ensure a bang for your buck. For example, consider matching your materials to your neighborhood. Using low-end materials in a high-end neighborhood will diminish your home’s value. Likewise, adding an addition may fit your families lifestyle, but not necessarily add to your home when it comes time to sell it. Turning a third bedroom into a walk-in closet, for example, will diminish the home’s value. Always consider the market with every remodel.

Hire a Professional

The ability to complete the work and do a good job on a project should be top priorities for any home remodeling project. You can spend a lot of money trying to fix remodeling projects gone haywire. If you are going to do it, make sure you do it right the first time. Oftentimes, this means you?ll need to hire a professional. Make sure to check out their credentials, experience and work by doing your research. In the end, you?ll be very thankful that you did. A good resource is the Contractors State License Board.