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Dust Storm Cleanup

Experiencing a dust storm, from time to time, is a part of being a resident of California.?A dust storm occurs when cold air drives downwards during a thunderstorm formation, blowing loose dust and dirt up from desert areas into the air. In a dust storm, winds can travel up to 60mph and even turn to mud storms if rain occurs. California is in a drought and dust storms are a consequence of this.

Health Concerns

There are some health concerns with dust storms. Experts say that the blowing wind can trigger asthma because anything that is loose on the soil is going to be picked up by these storms. The dust particles can slip past a body’s natural defenses and damage one’s respiratory system. Scientists are are learning that harmful substances such as arsenic, heavy metals, agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, fungi and viruses can be carried by a dust storm. One of these hazardous airborne bacterias gaining attention is valley fever. Valley Fever is a debilitating and sometimes fatal infection that is contracted from the fungal spores that naturally occur in California’s soil.

Survival Kit

Make two dust storm survival kits, one for your car and the second one for your house. The items should include:

  • A Mask
  • Airtight Goggles
  • Food and Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Self-Powered Weather Radio with Batteries
  • If you have asthma: Asthma Pumps



One of the biggest filters in the home is your carpet. Carpets absorb dust and moisture from the environment and this can create harmful bacteria being present in your home. No doubt, having a dirty carpet in the home can contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment. With the recent dust storm, it is a good idea to think about having your carpet cleaned.

It’s important to follow the carpet manufacture’s guidelines for cleaning your carpet. In addition, make sure you hire a qualified carpet technician.

HVAC Air Filters

Changing air filters is crucial to the proper performance of your HVAC systems. Air filter manufacturers typically say to change them every 30-60 days, which is? great rule of thumb. However, other factors can determine how frequently you should change your air filters. Therefore, air filters should be monitored on a regular basis depending on these conditions:

  • Type of Air Filter: You can check the MERV rating, which is a scale that determines the efficiency of the filter from a low 1 to a high rate of filtering of 20.
  • Pets: Filters capture pet hair and pet dander.
  • Occupancy: More traffic means more dirt particles to be filtered out of the indoor air.
  • Level of Air Pollution: Having construction nearby the home or other conditions such as a dust storm in the area.

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