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What is carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is more than just shampooing a carpet. Note: Your carpet and pad is the largest dust filter in your home and attract dirt. If you don’t already we recommend a carpet cleaning every month with thorough vacuuming regularly.

A carpet cleaner is a person experienced in precleaning, cleaning and spotting carpets. Most reputable carpet cleaner have years of experience or have gone to trade school and have certifications from schools like the IICRC.

I places like Bakersfield, it is important to have a carpet cleaner follow the correct protocol.

Step 1: Thorough vacuuming of the carpet

Step 2: Spot clean dark spots throughout surface

Step 2: Prespray with a good precleaner

Step 3: Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning method

Step 4: Dry the carpet quickly

Take note that any method other than the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning will most likely void your carpets warranty. 90% of carpet manufacturer warranties do not approve the use of the bonnet or shampooing methods implemented by carpet cleaners.