Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup includes blood spills following an assault, homicide or suicide. Property that has been contaminated as a result of a crime is, obviously, messy and hard to deal with. It takes specific restoration expertise and the need to assist law enforcement and public service agencies along with the cleanup.

Water Drainage

Proper water drainage is critical for keeping your property safe from a water disaster.

Property Ownership Maintenance Checklist

Owning property comes with huge responsibilities. There are many things to keep track …

Holiday Celebrations around Town

This holiday season, Bakersfield is active with many events and Christmas splendors for the whole family to enjoy. So, get out of the house, put on your holiday cheer, and enjoy the fun festivities. Bakersfield Christmas Town November 27, 2015 – January 1, 2015 3825 Riverlakes Drive Time: 5:00pm Cost: $15.00-17.00 More info. Holiday Lights […]

How to Handle an Active Shooter

Sadly, in today’s world, active shootings in public places are becoming more common. Therefore, it is pertinent that each person and organization knows how to react if they find themselves in this scary situation. Having a plan before a shooting occurs, can be lifesaving. Here are some tips provided by the U.S Department of Homeland […]

Holiday Decorations and Fire Safety

It’s the time of the year when we are putting up our holiday decorations and hosting holiday parties. Christmas decorations are fun and festive, but they are also responsible for numerous house fires every year. Don’t let a house fire turn you into a Scrooge this holiday season. Learn about the fire dangers and take some […]

Understanding Fire Damage

After a fire, you will likely have several types of damage. The items damaged by the fire can exhibit ashing, charring, melting, or other distortion from the heat. Much of this material is likely not salvageable. The remainder may be lightly scorched, covered in soot, and have a strong odor of the fire. The two […]

Home Preparation Checklist for the Holidays

The holidays are coming upon us. There will be turkey, mistletoe, and sparkling champagne. With all the holiday cheer, make sure your home is prepared for the influx of the holiday celebrations. It’s a good idea to safety check the home, inspect appliances and keep in mind some general prep work that will make your […]

Roof Inspection & Restoration

The El Niño rains bring more opportunities for water damage to occur on our properties. The roof is often a weak spot for water intrusion in the home. A water disaster on the roof can cause a lot of destruction, including causing attic and ceiling damage, mold and mildew problems, a fire-hazard, and generally compromise your […]

Health Risks and Water Disaster Cleanup

Dealing with a water disaster and/or flood disaster and it’s repercussions can be tricky. A water damaged home can be expensive to fix and very time consuming. It’s important to do the cleanup correctly by hiring experienced restoration professionals. Plus, there are major health risks to be aware of regarding a water disaster cleanup. Dirty Water […]

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