fire damage cleanup bakersfield

6 Items that Usually Survive House Fires

House fires are devastating. Both to the physical structure itself, and those connected to the home. Fortunately, a home can be rebuilt or restored, and some items have the chance of surviving the heat of the flames and may just need a little cleaning and TLC after the fire. Even the smallest items that survive […]

The Drought is Subsiding! Now, Prevent House Flooding!

In late January, the LA Times reported that about half the state of California is no longer in a drought. That’s an extreme improvement from just one year ago when more than 95 percent of the state was in some kind of drought. Lots of recent rain and snow are the obvious benefactors. Now, our […]

fire damage repair bakersfield

In the Kitchen: Grease Fires

Grease fires most often occur when a pan is left on the fire for too long. Another way grease fires occur is when excess grease on the drip pan or stovetop accidentally catches fire. A small mistake can lead to the need for fire damage repair services soon after the fire. Preventing grease fires is […]

water damage restoration

Prevent Water Damage in Tehachapi

Water damage is the number one reason for weakening the foundation. Preventing water damage from coming into your Tehachapi home is going to be a lot cheaper than paying for major water damage repairs later down the road. When water damage hits your home, this could cause serious structural damage. Having damp wood could potentially […]

smoke cleanup tehachapi

Understanding the Dangers of Smoke Odor

After a fire damage, it might sound like a good idea to save a few bucks and do some of the cleaning yourself. Isn’t it too hard right? Wrong. Fire tends to leave behind an evil, not so visible, friend: Smoke. Smoke odor can be very dangerous and detrimental to one’s heath. It is Important […]

water damage bakersfield

Water Damage Prevention in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, California is a pretty great place to live. It’s most appealing quality may be the beautiful weather year round. Compared the United States as a whole, Bakersfield has very tame amounts of precipitation each year. Bakersfield averages 6.2 inches of precipitation against 35 throughout the US. It receives just .1 inches of snow against […]

fire damaged business

The Simple Facts of Business Fires

While you may know the main causes of house fires, and when they are most likely to happen, the facts surrounding a commercial fire damage disaster are considerably different. So are the circumstances! Some businesses end up closed for weeks, while others are reopened and ready for customers after just a few days. A lot […]

Floods Wreak Havoc on Homes

When it comes to damage to your California home, water and flood disasters can be the most costly, as well as being the most common damage to your home or property. Recent studies by National Flood Insurance Program cite a 1 in 4 chance of a flood in high-risk areas over the course of a […]

smoke damage removal

Dealing with a Fire’s Unseen Damage: Smoke

  Most the damage from a fire is very obvious. Charred wood, burned fabric, scorched siding. Much of this will be replaced or restored after the fire to be as it was before the fire. However, once all the physical damage is repaired – there is another major factor to take into consideration: odor. Just […]

Wildfire Safety in the Heat

California, with it’s dry weather and record breaking heat, is no doubt vulnerable to dangerous wildfires. The state has experienced some devastating fires this year. There are weather patterns that can contribute to fire risk such as low relative humidity, strong winds, dry lightning strikes, etc. If you combine this with human error and negligence, […]

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